Kindness Campaign

A microsite for Drew London's Christmas Campaign about spreading kindness


Frontend Developer


Drew London




For Drew London’s Christmas campaign they wanted to spread Kindness in the local community, but also wanted friends/family/clients to be involved and help us. What we delivered was a microsite where users could go in and submit kindness tasks for us to complete, such as “Buy a tea/coffee for a rough sleeper”. The website also tracked all of these tasks and people could see when they were completed.

We built a micro CMS on top of WordPress to handle the tasks being submitted

Submit task panel

Progress tracker

The elf avatars

Progress tracker on mobile

The completed tasks were tracked and shown on a timeline, the more tasks completed, the closer the elf would get to the pub!

Our admin interface which allowed us to complete the tasks and attach an image with it, either from our Instagram of from a file picker

Admin interface

The main page

The campaign was a huge success. In one day, we received around 160 submissions and completed 112 of them